Enjoy Dog Walking with the right dog walking accessories

Trixie dog activity disc toyDog Walking is great fun for you and your dog but it pays to be prepared, especially at this time of year. This means being fully equipped for the walk and for when you get home afterwards, often with a soggy or muddy dog to deal with.

Getting Ready:

They say dog walking is a great way to meet people if you are single, so you’ll want to look your best but what about your dog?!

Fortunately they can look stylish too with dog coats and tops to keep them warm and high-viz dog coats and dog vests that will make sure they are seen too! Some dogs may also appreciate a nice pair of dog boots, especially in the snow where dogs with  long fur can suffer discomfort where snow balls up or for older dogs who feel the cold a little more.

high visibility dog vestYou’ll need a good dog lead as well and the right choice will make the walk more pleasurable for you and your dog. You’ll need to get a balance between comfort for your dog and ease of control for you. A well behaved and sensible dog may be happiest with a retractable dog lead giving a good balance of freedom and safety when walking close to roads or in areas where you must keep a dog on a lead. Retractable leads are great for puppies and younger dogs too who do like to explore and give everything a good sniff.

You may though choose a dog harness if your dog is more difficult to control and you want to keep them close to you. A harness is a great option for many dogs and owners. They give you greater control and are more comfortable for the dog as the pull from the lead is spread evenly over the dogs shoulders and not only on the neck.  A harness such as Feel Free’s Soft Dog Harness is designed to be comfortable for your dog.

Comfortable Dog Harness for walkingFor a dog that is less interested in going off exploring, or if you are planning on going wherever they go, an old fashioned dog collar and lead will be fine – either nylon or leather leads are the most reliable and these are also ideal for when you are walking close to roads to get to a park where you will let your dog off their dog lead anyway.

On your dog walk:

The walk itself is down to your dog’s personality and what they enjoy, some will be happy sniffing around and exploring the undergrowth, other’s love to play and you can bring along some toys. An old fashioned ball is fun but how about the Nite Ize LED K-9 Meteor Ball for those dark winter evenings or Trixie’s Dog activity disc for a little variety?

Take the time to explore a few different routes so your dog has new sniffs and smells to explore and meet new dogs to socialise with. At this time of year, avoid areas with frozen ponds or waterways. These can prove treacherous for both dog and owner!

Muddy Dog walking

Walkies are a great time to play but also the perfect opportunity to train your dog and practice important commands such as recall. Learning these basic instructions from an early age is very important when on walks, and with lots of positive reinforcement your dog will be eager to learn. Don’t forget to take along a Trixie Dog Activity Baggy to store his treats and toys!

Getting Back:

When you get back from dog walking you probably want to get warm and put your feet up but you better deal with a wet, muddy and probably excitable hound first. Think about how you are going to get them clean and how you are then going to get them dry. A hose extension that will fit a mixer tap is a good idea where you can run it outside to wash your dog down with warm water. Then you can pat them down with a doggie towel such as the SnuggleSafe Microfiber Dog Towel and while they are still a little damp make sure they don’t catch a chill with a doggie dressing gown like Frottie’s Bathrobe for Dogs.

Bathrobe for DogsIf you are really dreading the wet dog experience, and the weather is particularly horrid why not try our top selling Long II dog overall for head to paw waterproof coverage your dog will stay clean while still able to have fun on their walk.

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