Pets in need this Christmas

This Christmas animal rescues and shelters will be bursting at the seams with unwanted pets. Careless breeding and the recession have had a huge impact on the number of pets being dumped or surrendered to the local pound or animal rescue. Cats Protection have reported that calls from people wanting to give up thier cats have increased by a third since 2009.

We are sure your pets will be well provided for this Christmas but make sure you do your bit for pets that are not so lucky by giving some money or time to your local pet rescue charities.  Here are some ideas for how you can get involved!

Foster for Christmas

Foster carers make a huge difference to how many pets can be rescued by a charity. When you take an animal in, you are creating a space for more pets to be rescued from an uncertain future.  Kennel or cattery life can be very stressful for pets, particularly those who have been surrendered and had their whole world pulled from under their feet. Fostering a pet in your home will give the pet a chance to readapt to family life and make them much more likely to find a suitable home.

As you care for the pet, make notes of their behaviour, likes and dislikes as this information will be useful for helping to pick out the right new owner.  If you have many years of experience with dogs or cats then consider taking a pet with issues. You may be their only chance to overcome a behavioural problem which could make them very difficult to rehome successfully.

Cupboard clear-out

Warm, cosy blankets, towels and sturdy dog and cat beds are always needed at animal rescues, especially in the winter. Charities will also welcome donations of toys, leads, collars, bowls and other used pet gear that is still in good condition.

If your pet’s toy box is overflowing why not have a clear out and make a rescue pet’s day a little brighter.  Tough, rubber chew toys such as Kongs are particularly useful for keeping dogs entertained in their kennels.

Volunteer for walkies

Volunteer dog walkers provide an essential service for charities that often have to house many of their rescued dogs in kennels.  Exercising, socialising and helping to reassure a nervous or young dog that is getting stressed in the unfamiliar and often daunting kennel environment can make all the difference in them getting a home. A walk around the park will absolutely make their day and you never know, you may fall in love with one of the dogs and decide to take him home!

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  1. oh, I just love dogs. I had a dog that sat in the window all day long a lab. A claochote lab. He just loved the sun. And he would sit behind the curtain just like Millie does. That picture reminds me of him. Miss him.Love your pictures, and your commentary at the end!

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