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The 31st October is World Savings Day, an initiative set up back in 1924 to encourage people to put money aside for a rainy day.  With the recent UK economic downturn, many pet owners are feeling the pinch and struggling to find money for day to day living costs. The number of pets ending up in rescue shelters or local pounds has risen significantly since the recession began in 2008.

If you are worried about making ends meet this Christmas read our tips for keeping pets happy and healthy on a budget.


1 Bulk buy food

If you are struggling to afford your pet’s regular food, why not buy in bulk?  Dry food can last for many months before expiring and wet food cans even longer. At zooplus we offer economy bulk packs for all the major cat and dog food brands, sometimes saving you £20 or more on the RRP.

Don’t forget, when you spend £75.00 or more at zooplus you can take advantage of a further 5% discount with our Stock Up & Save coupon code: STOCK-UP

If you are tempted to switch to a cheaper, budget type of pet food you may want to think twice.  Cheaper foods have less nutritional value and you must feed much more.  Always work out the cost per day of a food (based on the recommended daily feeding amount and the weight of your pet). zooplus is committed to offering you great quality, natural pet food at the lowest prices around so take a look around our site and you are sure to find something that’s good for your pet and within your budget.

2 Take a pet friendly holiday in the UK

We’ve all heard about ‘stay-cations’ but booking a holiday in the UK also means it’s much easier to take your pet away with you. Your dog will be delighted not to have to part from his ‘pack’ while you are away and you will save a fortune on kennel fees.

Fantastic sites like Welcome Cottages offer thousands of dog friendly places to stay plus they donate 10% of the holiday cost back to Dog’s Trust! More links to great pet friendly holiday websites are listed below.

3 Insure your pet for the future

The importance of insuring your pet really cannot be overstated. Vet bills are one of the biggest expenses associated with pets and one of the main reasons people choose to give up their pets or have them put to sleep (even when a viable treatment option exists).  Veterinary medicine is advancing all the time but the price tag for these modern new treatments is also increasing.

Take your time when looking for the right pet insurance policy and read the small print. You will want to ensure that you will have continued cover for any on-going conditions that may develop such as arthritis. Don’t put off getting insurance for your new pet as it’s very unlikely you will find someone to offer you a policy that covers pre-existing conditions.

4 Do it yourself!

Expensive toys and gadgets are not necessarily going to make your dog or cat happier. Company and social interaction are key to a dog’s quality of life so quality time spent with you and other members of your family (his ‘pack’!) should be more than enough to keep him content.

Training your dog doesn’t have to involve expensive dog treats, simply use kibble from his daily ration (too many treats can lead to obesity so it’s no bad thing to cut down on these).

As any cat owner knows, a 99p feather dangler and a cardboard box are often more likely to excite your cat than the latest expensive cat entertainment wizardry.

Be creative with ‘repurposing’ household items for your pets. A folded up old duvet can make a perfectly adequate pet bed and old crockery dishes can be used as pet bowls.


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