Litter Spinner: The ultimate cat litter box

Could you live without your washing machine, or your dishwasher? Modern appliances make housework so much easier and now the days of manually having to clean out your cat’s litter tray may also soon be a thing of the past!

We would like to introduce you to an innovation in cat care: the Litter Spinner.  It finds it for you!  And when we say it, we of course mean cat poo and clumps of urine.  The bits you really don’t want to have to get too close to and hunt for are now collected in seconds by the Litter Spinner’s clever internal filter.


How it works

Once your cat has done his business, your job is simple.  Push the whole barrel anticlockwise (the process takes less than 20 seconds) and ‘hey presto’, the clever mechanism inside has sifted through all the litter and removed offending articles.  All you need to do then is pull out the filter and pop it all in the bin (or in your Litter Locker II disposal bin).

The Litter Spinner is entirely manual so there are no plugs, batteries or electric cables to worry about. The physical process is not at all strenuous. Anyone whether they’re 8 or 80 can spin the litter box!

Roll anticlockwise to clean the drum and then empty the filter - simple!

Less mess

The Litter Spinner is enclosed like a normal hooded litter box, meaning that litter scatter over the carpet is kept to a minimum. This also makes it more private and discreet, something many cats appreciate while taking a loo break.

Improve your cat’s health

Litter Spinner makes it so simple to clean your cat’s box that you’ll find you clean it more often than before, and more thoroughly thanks to the ‘catch all’ filter.  The litter box environment will become healthier and more sanitary for your cat and there will be less odours around the home.

Will it last?

Litter Spinner is made from strong and durable recycled materials in the US.  You won’t regret this one off purchase which will actually save you money in the long run because it requires less litter.  You can use any brand of clumping cat litter in your litter spinner and there is no special extra equipment you need to purchase.  For added peace of mind, the manufacturers of Litter Spinner offer a 3 year guarantee with all their products.

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