Burns Pet Food: The Holistic Approach

Burns pet food is the brain child of John Burns BVMS MRCVS, a vet who advised dog owners to prepare simple home-made diets for their pets (consisting of meat or fish, brown rice and vegetables) as an alternative to the poor quality commercial dog foods he saw causing health problems.

In 1993 John took this one step further (and made life a whole lot easier for us dog owners) and set up a family run pet food business creating complete diets based on his original formula. Since then Burn’s has continued to set the standard for simple, natural nutrition you can trust.

The philosophy

The nutritionists at Burns believe that the addition of magic ingredients in so called therapeutic products is unnecessary. If you provide the right ingredients the nutrients will do their job of helping your pet’s body repair and maintain itself and prevent deterioration of vital organs. A good quality diet should be fed at the correct quantities and go hand in hand with an appropriate daily exercise schedule.


Transparent recipes for cats & dogs

Burns recipes are hypo-allergenic (less likely to trigger allergic reactions) because they use single named types of meat and grain which come from fixed sources that are never swapped for cheaper alternatives. Burns diets do not include wheat, beef or dairy, all common triggers for allergies in pets. You can trust Burns to not cause unexpected food intolerances. The inclusion of hypo-allergenic whole grains such as brown rice is based on the fact that dogs and cats have lived with humans for many centuries and it is reasonable to expect that they have shared our grain based diet.


Reducing chemicals in the diet

In the same spirit of simplicity, Burns strive to keep their foods free of all artificial colourings and flavourings.  Natural mixed tocopherols (Vitamin E) and Rosemary Oil are the only preservatives used to keep the food fresh and stop it from oxidising (going rancid). In fact, Burns was the first ever pet food company to use only natural preservatives and understand the benefits of removing chemicals from a dog’s diet which can build up as toxic waste in the system.


Penlam Farm Moist Dog Food

The exceptional Burns Penlam Farm wet dog food is made using ingredients from John Burn’s own farm in west Wales. Grain and vegetables are grown on the farm and the chicken and eggs come from free-range hens which are kept in small flocks to reduce stress levels. Where possible all other ingredients are sourced from ethical producers within South Wales. (The only exception is the Organic Brown Rice which is sourced from an ethical producer in Italy due to a lack of Welsh paddy fields!)


Benefits of a Burns Holistic Diet at a glance:

  • Developed by vets: Based on an ideal home-cooked recipe
  • Economical: High digestibility means feeding amounts are lower than other brands.
  • Recommended by dog trainers to reduce hyperactivity
  • Can help manage dietary related health issues (excess moulting, bad breath etc.)
  • Offers Holistic complete body nutrition
  • Dedicated FREE hotline for nutritional advice 0800 083 66 96
  • British, family owned business with high ethical standards
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