Guide to cat flaps & dog doors

Do you sometimes feel like an underpaid porter for your cat? Does it seem like your dog is always on the wrong side of the door? Then it may be time to invest in a cat flap or dog door and allow your pets to have free access to the outside world.

We offer several types of pet flap at zooplus.  Microchip recognition flaps offer the ultimate security against unwelcome guests while manual flaps are much more affordable.  Modern pet flaps are well designed, sturdy and won’t let in a draft.


Deciding the best for your pet

Before purchasing a pet flap take some time to consider the benefits and drawbacks of letting your pet outside unsupervised.  One thing you must do before letting your pet outdoors is to get them microchipped, whether you have a microchip flap or not, so that they can be easily identified if they get lost and end up in a pound or rescue. We also recommend purchasing a collar with a capsule or tag giving your up to date contact details.


  • Is the garden safe for my dog? Fences should be checked for gaps and be high enough not to let your dog jump out.  Remove any dangerous debris or poisonous plants.
  • Is the neighbourhood safe for my cat? Letting your cat roam free is always risky but indoor cats are prone to psychological and behavioural problems.  Assess the level of traffic near your home and the likelihood of your cat to roam. Neutered pets are far less likely to stray.


Worried your home may become a drop in centre for unwelcome guests, drawn to the smell of your pet’s dinner bowl? A more secure cat flap is the answer.

SureFlap Microchip Cat Flaps are designed to recognise your cat’s unique microchip number as he or she approaches the flap. More than one cat?  That’s fine, SureFlap can be programmed to recognise up to 32 microchip numbers!



Installing a cat flap into your door inevitably involves a bit of DIY.  You will most likely need a drill, a saw and some sandpaper.  Don’t forget to double check your cat flap is placed at the correct height so your pet does not have to struggle getting in.  Glass doors are trickier and most cat flap instruction manuals will recommend you bring in a glazier to help with this.

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