Introducing Royal Canin Veterinary diets

Has your pet been recently diagnosed with an ongoing health problem?  Depending on the nature of the illness, your vet may recommend a veterinary diet as many of the most common complaints facing cats and dogs can now be managed successfully for many years with specially formulated diets.

The scientific team creating the Royal Canin Veterinary range have gone to great lengths to research the best combinations of ingredients to help control conditions such as obesity, lower urinary tract disease and arthritis.


Let’s take a look at the Royal Canin Veterinary diets available to help with two of the biggest health concerns for cats and dogs; lower urinary tract disease and obesity.

Feline Urinary S/O

Lifelong dietary management may be suggested by your vet if your cat has been diagnosed with Lower Urinary Tract Disease (LUTD).  Royal Canin Urinary S/O helps ensure that your cat’s urine is not creating an ideal environment for the formation of urinary stones.

Urine is kept slightly acidic with pH levels within an ideal range. In the dry food, levels of sodium chloride have been increased to encourage your pet to drink more and increase urine volume, diluting the minerals which may form stones if allowed to collect in enough quantity.  The minerals which form the stones, such as magnesium and phosphate, are kept to a minimum in the diet.

Canine Obesity Management

Royal Canin’s Obesity Management formula is the ultimate diet dog food for obese dogs. The key concern is safe and gradual weight loss, at an ideal rate of 1 – 3% per week, ensuring there is no damage to lean tissue.  Dog obesity is a huge problem in the UK and the main cause is, you guessed it, overfeeding. Ignoring the cries of a hungry dog is easier said than done, however, which is why a key ingredient in these diets is soluble fibre for that full tummy feeling.

Of course any low fat diet will only work if combined with a controlled exercise programme taking into account any physical limitations your dog might have due to age or arthritis. In addition, you’ll also need to keep tabs on the whole family and make sure everyone knows that treats and table leftovers are off the menu for your dog!

Taste test

Worried your fussy pet may turn their nose up at a veterinary diet? Fear not, all the Royal Canin Veterinary diets are tried and tested for palatability so you can be sure that your pet will love the taste and look forward to meal times.

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