Finding the perfect cat tree

Cat trees are a great way to add some fun and variety to an indoor cat’s life plus you’ll be giving them their own  little ‘castle’ from which they can survey their human subjects!  Think one cat tree is much the same as another? Wrong!  Different types of cat trees are suitable for different types, weights and temperaments of cats. The sheer number of cat trees available in pet shops these days can make the decision of which one to purchase mind boggling.

Here’s our guide to the types and styles of cat trees most appropriate to your cat and her individual needs.



Height is the key factor to consider for kittens. While they are still finding their balance provide them with a wide, low rise cat tree to prevent injuries from falls. You’ll also want a cat tree with plenty of fun toys and scratch areas  to keep your restless youngster occupied. Try our Cheese Cat Tree which includes a den, dangling pom-pom ball, mouse toy and scratch post all in a compact low space.

Large breed

Big cats like Maine Coons will need extra sturdy cat trees.  Having a cat tree topple over will often put a cat off ever coming close to one again. Heavy, wooden cat trees are the sturdiest but we also recommend attaching a metal wall bracket for added stability. Take a look at King of the Forest, one of our great value, solid wood platform cat trees, which features three sleeping platforms, a den and enough sisal to keep any cat amused for months!

Older or arthritic cats

Older cats will not be so keen on making giant leaps to explore their new cat tree.  Choose a cat with easily accessible platforms such as our Dionysos Cat Tree which has a ladder leading up to the first level.

Somewhere extremely cosy to sleep is often right at the top of an older cat’s priority list.  Choose a cat tree with multiple sleeping areas including a den, hammock and padded nests for variation.


Multi-cat household

Providing multiple cats with several platforms will help to avoid spats over the most desirable lookout spots.  Xanthos Cat Tree (right) is so large that it is effectively three cat trees in one, cramming in two dens, multiple platforms, a play tunnel, 2 sleeping nests and 3 huge sisal posts!  Our ceiling cat trees offer a whole forest of options and plenty of areas for two or more cats.  For any tall or ceiling height cat tree we recommend fixing your cat tree to a wall with a metal bracket, especially if lots of cats will be climbing at once.

Once you’ve decided on the right height, style and features appropriate to your individual cat’s needs, the next choices are down to you. At zooplus we’ve got plenty of natural colour cat trees or why not brighten up your home with some of our fun ‘themed’ cat trees.  Have fun choosing!


Cat Tree checklist

  • Will it fit? Measure the space you intend to place the tree
  • Is it safe? Avoid narrow ledges and secure all tall cat trees with a wall bracket
  • Is it accessible? Make sure your cat can make the most of all areas
  • Does it have the right ‘extras’? e.g. toys, den, scratch mats, cat-nip
  • Does it match your decor? More for your benefit than the cats!

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