The Winning Formula

Beginner’s Guide to Showing your Dog

If you’ve recently bought a pedigree puppy, the sight of beautifully turned out breed champions at  Crufts next week may set you day dreaming about what it would be like to  wow the crowds and judges with your perfectly trained wonder dog!  But there is an awful lot of work to be done behind the scenes before any dog can reach that stage.

Although good breeding is of course vital for success in the show ring, selecting a pup  is only the start of a long road to creating the perfect show dog.  Here’s our Winning Formula for success in the show ring.



Selecting a puppy from good breeding lines is something every compassionate owner should be doing.  Background checks on the parents for signs of hereditary health problems can save you a fortune on vet bill further down the line.  Ask to see the mother and, if possible the father.  Are they good examples of the breed?


Keeping your dog up to date with his wormer, flea treatments and vaccinations are all vital if he is to stand any chance in the show ring. In fact, you will need proof that you dog is up to date with his jabs before they will even let you in! Keeping your dog well exercised is also important as a lean athletic build will be more impressive than a dog carrying extra pounds.


Right from day one in your puppy’s life with you, his feeding will need to be carefully considered.  Try to continue feeding the same diet as his breeder was using and switch slowly if you think he requires something different.  If you went to a reputable breeder, they will know this particular type of dog inside out so be sure to ask for their advice if you need it.


Both you and your dog will need to look smart in the ring.  Don’t forget the final checks as it’s amazing how quickly a dog can get his coat tangled when your back is turned!  Remember not to dress too flamboyantly yourself.  You may want to look the part but you don’t want to detract the Judge’s eye from the real star of the show!  Make sure you pooch is silky coated and smelling great with our range of grooming tools and dog shampoo.


No matter how beautiful and glossy your dog is, if he isn’t paying attention to you in the ring (or if he nips at the judge!) then you’ll leave a very poor impression.  Training will begin from the very first day you bring your pup home from the breeder and will need to be reinforced daily.

If you do not have experience training dogs, it’s a good idea to find a trainer to help you learn the basics. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

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