How to wash your dog

Good clean fun

Although it’s important not to overwash your dog, all canines will need a good shampoo from time to time, especially if they are one of the many who enjoy rolling in animal dung! Unfortunately, what should be a simple task often results in chaos, a drenched bathroom and a soggy owner chasing a dripping dog around the house.

Read on for some top tips on how to select the right shampoo for your dog and to keep bath times clean and fun.


Choosing the right shampoo

Unlike us, dogs have hair over their entire body so you should not use the same harsh shampoos you use for your own hair.  Your dog’s coat and skin should be washed with a very mild dog shampoo which will not strip it completely of natural oils (after all, these oils are what makes your dog’s coat look shiny!)  Look for shampoos which are hypoallergenic and soap free.

If your dog is sensitive to strong smells then avoid scented shampoos too as your dog may be tempted to roll in something equally smelly, but less appealing to your nose than the flowery bouquet of the shampoo!  Zooplus now stock the Laboratoire Demavic shampoo range which includes a shampoo specially formulated for dog’s with sensitive skin: Demavic Itch-Releif Dog Shampoo.

In to the tub!

Nervous dogs may need some extra encouragement to get in the bath at first.  Make sure you put down a non-slip bath mat before asking your dog to jump in so he doesn’t slide around and scare himself. Be upbeat and positive and praise him the whole way through the bath. He’ll soon see there is nothing to worry about and even start to enjoy the experience.

Try to avoid the top of the dog’s head so no shampoo gets in his eyes, nose or mouth.   You can always clean up these areas with pet wipes later.  Pay particular attention to smellier areas, such as the neck if they like to roll in unpleasant things. Once you’ve lathered up your dog and rubbed the shampoo in well you’ll need to spend a long time rinsing and re-rinsing the coat to make sure all traces of shampoo are removed.

Once you’re done try to jump in quick with the towel before his first shake which will inevitably drench you and the entire bathroom. If your dog has a habit of charging around the house after a bath, keep his lead and collar on in the bathroom so you still have control.  Before you head outside on a cold day you should make sure he’s totally dry first.

Microfibre towels like the SnuggleSafe Pet Towel can help you dry your dog 4 x faster than conventional towels.

Tip: Don’t forget to wash his collar too!  If he’s rolled in something nasty there may be traces on his collar.

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