5 signs your cat may be sick

Pets can’t tell us when they feel under the weather but observing the normal habits of your cat will help you spot the early signs of health problems.

1. Weight loss If your cat starts to drop his or her weight rapidly that is a sure sign that there is something wrong. Be especially vigilant with long haired cats as the evidence may be less obvious. The best way to monitor your cat’s weight is to weigh yourself first and then step on the scales holding your cat, subtracting the difference.


2. Abnormal behaviour You live with your cat so you’re in the best position to notice subtle behavioural changes which may indicate an underlying problem. Has your cat recently become alot more vocal than usual? Has she been unusually shy,  hiding herself away and not engaging in play? Changes in behaviour should not necessarily be cause for concern but they should prompt you to keep a closer eye on your cat.

3. Coat & skin Alterations in your cat’s coat and skin can sometimes be outward signs of internal problems.  Take note if the coat starts to look ungroomed and fluffed up when it is normally sleek. Is hair starting to fall out or does it feel dry and look dull?  Of course changes  such as these can simply be a part of your cat’s ageing process. Even so, it’s time to take account of those advanced years .  You cat may need to switch to a diet for mature felines such as Hill’s Science Plan 7+ or start taking some dietary supplements.

4. Appetite & thirst Ok so cats can be fussy about their food.  But if your cat is very happy with a certain diet and then suddenly loses interest, it may point to health problems.  Increased thirst  is also  something to keep an eye on.  It could just be that it is a warm day but continued excessive thirst may be a sign of kidney problems.

5. Litter Habits

Pay attention when you’re emptying the litter box as signs here can point to some very serious illnesses in cats.  Have you noticed an increase in urine or stools, blood and or mucus in the litter or stronger smells than usual?  A litter trained cat who starts to go elsewhere is also a bad sign.  It could be down to stress but it could also be worms or a bladder infection.  Talk to your vet if you spot any of these signs. 

zooplus recommends Perlinette Health Indicator  Cat Litter. This unique litter is able to detect even the smallest traces of blood, bilirubin (an indicator of liver problems) and pH levels over 7 which may point to bladder stones, crystals and bladder infections.  When the litter absorbs any of these things, even in minute quantities, the colour of the litter will be drastically different, alerting you at the very early stages of an illness. Perlinette Health Indicator Litter is especially suitable for elderly cats.

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