Wish you could vacuum the dog?

Now you can with a Jappyland Maxi Set Groomer! If you are one of the thousands of people in the UK who have the unenviable combination of black dog and cream carpets we feel you pain. We think we’ve found the ideal solution.

Thinning combs are widely used during the moulting seasons but this new innovation means brushing and collecting your dog’s hair can be done indoors with no mess. (After all who wants to stand outside on  a freezing January day to brush the dog?)  You won’t regret investing in this brilliant device. Here’s how it works…


The Jappyland Maxi Set Groomer is connected to your vacuum cleaner, and ensures easy efficient brushing of your pet. Brush the dog with the thinning comb (which is suitable for all coat types) and collect the hair all in one simple movement.

The groomer is self cleaning and has an integrated debris chamber, so your spotless home can stay that way!  Regular use will also lower the risk of pet hair triggering allergies in your family.

If your pet is scared of the vacuum then simply use the extra long 5m pipe to place the vacuum cleaner out of sight in the next room.

The Jappyland Maxi Set Groomer includes:

12 Liter integrated debris chamber: It can vacuum up water and will transform your conventional vacuum cleaner into a water vacuum cleaner. It can also be used to vacuum glass, gravel, cold ash, sand, etc…

High quality filter: Washable filter designed to ensure great suction and maximum protection of your vacuum cleaner. All the vacuumed material remains in the debris chamber.

Flexible extra long 5m tube: Extra-long pipe so you can place your vacuum cleaner in an adjoining room so as not to frighten your animal during grooming.

A brush: suitable for all coats, the groomer is an essential accessory for easy thinning of your pet’s coat. It eliminates all the dead undercoat and leaves just healthy hair. The groomer is self-cleaning: when you release the trigger, the hairs are vacuumed up. It can be used after the bath on a dry or wet coat.

The Jappyland Maxi Set Groomer is exclusive to zooplus. Buy Now >

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