Relax your cat with Feliway

Firework season, the most stressful time of year for pets, is just around the corner.  Even normally laid back animals transform into quivering wrecks, immune to soothing words and strokes. Terrified cats are more likely to lose their bearings and stray from home.

Animal behaviourists may be able to help but the costs are beyond most pet owner’s budgets.  A cheap and effective solution for cats is a marvellous invention called Feliway, a product designed to calm your pet in a totally harmless and invisible way.


The Science bit

Cats naturally release calming facial pheromones, chemical ‘signs’ which work outside of the body and can be detected by other cats.  Cats will mark areas of their territory when they feel secure and safe in a familiar environment (they may even mark you from time to time!) The clever people at Feliway have developed a safe, man-made replica of these pheromones which can be used either in an electric plug in diffuser for long term effects or as a handy spray bottle.

Combat stress at home…

Feliway is not just useful for the firework season.  Stress can be triggered by all sorts of things: changes in routine, new additions to the family such as a baby or (heaven forbid!) a dog.  We would also recommend plugging in a feliway diffuser if you are about to bring home a rescue cat from a shelter.  By reassuring your pet, Feliway can  help eliminate unwanted behaviours in the home caused by stress, such as urine marking or vertical scratching on furniture. Just plug in a Feliway Diffuser in the room of your house where your cat displays the most obvious signs of stress.

…and on the move!

The Feliway 60 ml Spray Bottle gives you even more possibilities to remove stress from your cat’s life.  Use it in your car or inside your pet’s carrier before a trip to the vets or the cattery.

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