A cool pet is a happy pet!

Finally, some warm weather! Although we live in a moderate climate, the UK can still experience the occasional heat wave. Soaring temperatures mean pets are put at risk of health concerns such as heat stroke or sunburn. If your pet is very old, very young or already unwell you will need to be extra vigilant.

Read on to learn about some simple measures you can take to help ensure your pet stays cool and happy all summer long.  Right now you can save up to 40% on fountains, clippers and more in our Keep cool campaign >>

Travel safety

Don’t ever leave your pet alone in a hot car. Even when the outside temperature is a moderate 22°C the temperature in a locked car can reach 47°C in under an hour.  Opening the window a crack won’t solve the problem.  Your dog could still suffer heatstroke and even die. Take plenty of water with you on trips and a travel bowl.


Keep hydrated

You should provide your pet with water 24/7 at any time of year but keep an especially close eye on pet’s water supply during the summer. If you leave your pet alone for a few hours provide more than one bowl of water just in case one gets tipped over.

A water fountain will encourage your pet to drink more and ensure that the supply is oxygenated and tastes much nicer for your pet.  The virtually silent  Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain can hold up to 4 litres of water in its reservoir.


Get a haircut

Breeds originating from cooler climates need extra help to stay cool during summer. A de-shedding tool such as  a Perfect Care Furmaster brush can help loosen and remove the winter undercoat, keeping you pet cooler and giving the coat a healthier appearance.

Sometimes it is appropriate to clip you pet’s fur for summer. Ask a professional pet groomer to show you how this is done before purchasing your own set of clippers.  Clipper blades must be well oiled at all times to prevent injury to your pet.


Take it easy

There is no point rushing around when it’s hot – try to schedule walks for the cooler hours in the early morning or evenings.

Take plenty of water with you on hot days and if your dog likes to swim, take him somewhere where he can have a quick dip to cool down. (Avoid stagnant water though as it can be a breeding ground for deadly poisonous algaes).



Stay out of the sun

White and pale coloured pets are particularly vulnerable to sunburn and skin cancer.  Dab some sun screen on your pet’s delicate areas, such as pink skin on the nose and ears, and make sure your pets do not spend too much time sun bathing. Provide plenty of shady areas in the garden. The sun is strongest during the middle of the day so try to keep pets indoors at that time.


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  1. provide your dog with a paddling pool. i tried a paddling pool from a pet website onlt for my german shepherd to tear it to shreds, waste of money.i now use the top part of a top box for a car. he comes back from his a walks and heads straight for the water, a happy dog

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