Ashamed of your dirty litter box?

Do you pride yourself on keeping a spotlessly clean and stylishly minimal bathroom? Do you wish your cat’s ‘bathroom’ could be the same? An open litter tray is never the most pleasant thing to have around the home, even if emptied regularly.

Well look no further than our Wooden Pet Room with its crisp white paint and stylish lines, a combination of practicality and elegant design which will fit seamlessly into your home.

The Wooden Pet Room is much more than a novelty piece of ‘cat furniture’…

Combine the Wooden Pet Room with one of our many brands of super efficient odour reducing litter and your guests may not even realise your cat’s toilet is hiding in this attractive little cupboard!

Another benefit is that the litter tray contents are not as easily accessible as a regular, open litter box, making it safer for young children or babies (or even, heaven forbid, a hungry dog!)

The top of the cupboard makes a good spot for some flowers or a scented candle. There’s also a handy storage shelf and a towel rail.

Aside from the aesthetic and practical advantages, this discreet little toilet takes into consideration your pet’s feelings as well. Cats are very particular about where they toilet and prefer privacy, away from young children, dogs and other cats. ¬†This private space gives them just that as well as a bit more room to manoeuvre compared to the average covered litter box.

Not just a loo! You can just as easily use the Wooden Pet Room as a cosy den. Place a snuggly bed inside and your cat (or small dog!) will have a relaxing little hideaway. We recommend beds which are around 40×45 cm, such as our Trixie Snuggle Bed Savanna.


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