Freedom to roam

Wild rabbits spend many hours outside of their burrows, grazing on nearby plants and playing with other rabbits.

Allowing your pet rabbits to experience the natural world in your garden will greatly contribute to their general well-being and provide plenty of mental stimulation and exercise.

Learn more about the benefits of providing your rabbits or guinea pigs with daily access to an outdoor run and what features you should look out for.

Rabbit heaven!

For a rabbit, an open stretch of fresh young grass shoots is the acme of enjoyment. To stay healthy rabbits need to eat their own body size of hay or grass every day but sadly many do not get anything near this amount.

Of course it’s not really practical or safe to let pet rabbits have the run of the whole garden so the best way to provide secure access to the great outdoors is to get your bunnies a sturdy outdoor rabbit run.


Special features

According to rabbit welfare organisations the general rule for runs is ‘the bigger the better’.

Make sure your run has sun protection at one end so your rabbits can shelter from the heat.  If your rabbits like to dig you will want to get them a run with a bit of extra protection around the base, such as our Run with Security Feature and Mesh Roof. The metal bars of this run extend inwards at the base, discouraging keen diggers from breaking out!

Our Trixie Outdoor Metal Run (above) is made from sturdy galvanised metal and is tall enough to give rabbits the headroom to stand up on their hind legs.  The larger version is  7 foot long and over 2 foot high.  It also attaches to the Trixie Natura Small Pet House (right of picture), a little ‘summer house’ retreat for your rabbits to use during the day. You can add a fitted sun protection net to your Trixie Outdoor Metal Run for just a few pounds extra.



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