Top 5 Dog Toys!

Our 5 top selling Dog Toys!

It can be a constant battle for dog owners trying to find dog toys that are up to the job.  Many expensive toys quickly lose their appeal or are rapidly ‘dismantled’ by serious chewers.

Well now is your chance to find out which toys have passed the test with hundreds of  our customer’s dogs. All 5 of our top sellers have fantastic reviews so you can be sure you’ll be getting a quality toy which is bound to become a firm favourite with your pooch!


5 Pop-Up Egg Toy with Squeaker

The dog’s favourite squeaker! Although not quite so popular with owners thanks to the high-pitched squeak which makes the Pop-Up Egg Toy with Squeaker utterly irresistible to canine ears.  To add to the excitement there is a little surprise which pops out of the egg when you squeeze it.

Please note: Due to its size this toy is only suitable for small dogs.



4 Dog Toy Active Bone

The popular Dog Toy Active Bone is the ultimate boredom breaker.  A ball and bone toy with the clever addition of a refillable treats section.  Treats come with the toy but you can also buy refill packs of the two delicious varieties: choose from the soft and tasty cornflour treats or the longer lasting chewy rawhide treats.

This toy will keep young and mischievous dogs amused for hours!


3 Dog Toy RunningEgg

An interactive toy that really does seem to hold dog’s attention! It’s the unique shape which makes the Dog Toy RunningEgg so intriguing for dogs.  The ball rolls back and forth unpredictably keeping them guessing at all times.

Another plus is the fact that the RunnningEgg’s large shape makes it difficult for dogs to get their teeth around the toy so it should last a good long time.

2 Trixie Rubber Ball with Throwing Handle

A classic toy that never gets old!  One step up from your average tennis ball, the Trixie Ball with Throwing Handle is great for playing fetch – extra range can be achieved by the ability to swing the ball around before throwing.

It’s also tough enough for a game of tug of war with the strong rope handle.  At only £1.99 the Trixie Rubber Ball with Throwing Handle is a must for every dog’s toy box.


1 Doggy Pool

Our number one!  A firm summer favourite with hundreds of customers and their dogs. Our sturdy Doggy Pool is much tougher than your average child’s paddling pool.  To prevent accidents the bottom of the Doggy Pool is coated with a nonslip material.

A dip in the pool will help your dog cool off on really hot days. Just fill it up with the hose, add a few floating dog toys and you will have one seriously happy hound!



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