Beginners' Guide to Dog Agility

Ever fancied having a go at Dog Agility at home but not sure where to start?  Try our affordable range of Dog Agility obstacles which can be set up in even the smallest of back gardens!

Dog agility is a fun way to fight the flab and burn some calories as well as being a very effective way of improving your dog obedience and handling skills. Unlike the pedigree only dog shows, agility is open to all so any dog, regardless of breeding, can become a superstar if he’s fast enough!


Hurdles are a core element in most agility courses.  It’s important to wait until your dog is fully grown before starting to practice hurdles as growing joints should not be put under too much strain.

Our Agility Hurdle Set contains two hurdles and is very lightweight making it simple to move them around the garden and create different course layouts.  They are also height adjustable so you can practice with all your dogs, even if you have a Pug and a Saluki!

The Tunnel or Chute is usually the dog’s favourite part of the course once he oversomes his initial wariness of the dark tunnel entrance.

Our  Agility Fun & Sport Tunnel Chute has a stable opening which is 60cm in diameter – large enough to accommodate most sizes of dog. Before long your pooch will be tearing through the 5 metre fabric chute like a true professional! You’ll find gaining his attention again after he’s raced through at full pelt will be the hardest part of this element.


The Slalom Poles obstacle is a tricky test of concentration and coordination for your dog. Place the poles at a greater angle to start off with (see right) to make it more obvious for your dog what you would like him to do and gradually you will be able to quicken up the pace and straighten the poles.  Space the poles about 1 1/2 feet apart and make sure you measure the distance to ensure they are spaced evenly.

Our Agility Fun & Sport Slalom Set pack contains twelve sturdy poles in blue and orange plus a shoulder bag to carry them back and forth from agility practice!


If you are serious about winning agility competitions you are going to need to practice your Seesaw! The Seesaw is an intimidating prospect for many handlers as the task of convincing your dog to slow right down and carefully walk over both contact zones can be very difficult.

The Trixie Agility Seesaw is full size and can be used by dogs weighing up to 60kg. Made of quality stained pine, the Seesaw is weather resistant so you don’t have to worry about moving it back and forth from the garden to the shed or house.


Handy Agility Links

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