Banish odours to the LitterLocker II

Fast, clean, simple and odourless!

The latest innovation in cat hygiene, the new and improved LitterLocker II is a practical solution for the disposal of soiled cat litter. LitterLocker II locks in bad odours ensuring your home stays fresh.

The LitterLocker has a unique seal system to guarantee that whiffy cat odours are kept securely inside the bin. It’s hygienic, easy to use, and eliminates those daily treks to the rubbish bin –  on average, a one cat owner will only need to empty their bin once a fortnight!


The secret is the tubular film:
Every LitterLocker II comes with a cassette that contains a special, multi-layered tubular film.  When the bin is starting to fill up you simply cut off the section with soiled litter and tie a knot at the bottom of the new section of film (pulled down from the cartridge).  The air-tight tubular film helps lock in unpleasant smells and bacteria.  Refill cartridges are available to buy from zooplus.

Saves you the daily trek to the bin:
Assuming you clean out your litter tray daily, the LitterLocker can hold up to 2 weeks’ worth of cat waste.  One cassette can last for 2 months for one cat. As the odour is 100% eliminated you can keep your litter bin in the home right next to the litter box.  Cleaning will take no time at all and many owners find they end up scooping more often, creating  a more pleasant living environment for all the residents of the house!


Easy to use:
1. Open the lid and throw away soiled litter.
2. Close the lid and pull the handle.
3. Release handle to lock in bad odours and bacteria.


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