One Stop Puppy Shop!

Are you thinking about getting a puppy?

If you are then congratulations! You are about to start a great adventure.  Puppies have their own unique requirements so to make things easier we’ve put all the essentials in one place; our brand new One Stop Puppy Shop. And it won’t cost a fortune either as we have great deals across all the sections including:

Food & Treats …. Toys & Beds …..Puppy Care

Find out what essentials should be on your  shopping list before bringing your puppy home….


New Puppy Check- List

1. Puppy Food >

Puppies need a different type of food to adult dogs as they are still growing and require additional protein.  Try to stick to the same brand of food your breeder was giving the puppy.  Any sudden changes in diet will result in a poorly tummy and setbacks in toilet training. If you do need to switch your puppy’s food then do so gradually over several days.

Natural foods such as Nature Diet Puppy trays or Orijen Dry Puppy Food will give your puppy the all important nutrition he needs during the growth stage.



2. Crate >

A crate is a really useful tool for toilet training. Your pup will naturally not want to soil his sleeping area so as long as you regularly offer him the opportunity to go outside and praise him whenever he pees there, he will soon get the idea!

If introduced carefully, you can teach your pup to think of his crate as a safe haven and his own private ‘den’.

Tough washable dog blankets are a great option for lining the crate. We recommend Medbed Dog Blankets which are hard-wearing and perfect for pups that like to chew up regular bedding.


3. Puppy Bed >

A cosy bed for your puppy to clamber into at the end of a long day of fun and games is an absolute must. Our warm and inviting Trixie Snuggle Dog Bed Sammy (right) is practical for puppies as it can be washed at 30°C.

Unless you intend your cute little  Lab puppy to continue sleeping on your bed as a 30kg adult it’s probably best to get him used to sleeping on his own bed! This can be hard work and heart-rending but the kindest training method for dogs is consistency.  Mixed messages will only leave your pup confused and unsure of the correct behaviour.


4. Food and Water Bowls >

Another essential item on your shopping list.  Your puppy will always need access to fresh water and an easy to clean food bowl .

Stainless steel bowls are hard wearing and easy to clean. Our Trixie Double Pet Bowl, Stainless Steel can be used for two types of food or food and water combined.


5. Collar & Lead or Harness >

A small lightweight nylon collar with plastic clip is ideal for puppies. Check out our range of puppy size collars, leads and harnesses. Make sure you have your puppy’s identity tag made before he arrives home as wearing one of these in public places is a legal requirement for all dogs.

Our Trixie Set for Puppies contains a practical puppy size harness, matching lead plus a couple of toys for your pup to play with.



6. Puppy Toys >

Different breeds of dog often prefer different types of toy.  Experiment to see which toys your pup enjoys most!   Many puppies will appreciate a soft toy for comfort, especially in the early days when they have just left the warmth and companionship of their brothers and sisters.   Chew toys are great for teething puppies and treat dispensers are a good way to keep a youngster out of mischief while you concentrate on something else for a while.

Make it clear to the pup that he does not own any of the toys and he plays with them on your terms. Training this way will help prevent your dog developing possessive behaviour as an adult.




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  1. Woww.. so interesting post about puppy’s. but my mother does not allow a puppy in his home. she can’t agree for a puppy. But i like puppy most so i always search about every type of puppy in internet. thanks which you learn me once again about none puppy’s.

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