Battle of the Bulge

How to shift those xmas pounds and keep pets active this winter!

Are your pets looking a bit porky after Christmas?  Well now is the time to make some New Year’s Resolutions for your cats and dogs!  Keeping your pet at a healthy weight will reduce the risks of all sorts of health problems later in life.

Read on for our suggestions for great low fat foods and treats as well as tips for giving pets all important exercise over the tricky winter months.


Low Fat Diets & Treats

The New Year is a good time to review your pet’s general health with a check up at the Vets.  Your vet will weigh your pet and let you know if your cat or dog is within the ideal weight range for their particular age and breed.

If your pet is in need of shedding a few pounds we’ve got suggestions for some fabulous low fat diets and treats.  Diets like the dry dog food,  Bosch Light, or Arden Grange Adult Light Chicken contain reduced calories but make sure they don’t compromise on taste.  Extra fibre will help ensure that your dog feels full and hopefully unaware that he’s even on a diet!

For cats we recommend the Royal Canin 40 Light variety which is carefully formulated to meet the needs of overweight kitties and help them lose weight gradually.


When it comes to treats and rewards between meals, you should stick to low fat natural options like our Dokas range of natural and irresistible snacks.  Our Dokas Snack Chicken with Rice and Dokas Chew Snack Chicken Breast with Fish are both wonderfully healthy but tasty snacks suitable for cats and dogs.


Keeping pets active at home

There are plenty of ways to make sure your pets get some exercise through the winter.  For cats, a laser pointer is a fun way to keep them on the go!  Choose from our manual Trixie Laser Pointer which you need to point yourself or an automatic laser pointer like our FrolicCat Bolt Laser Cat Toy which does the work for you!  If your cat spends most of her time inside then you might want to invest in a Cat Tree as these can act as indoor gyms for felines, encouraging them to jump onto the different levels and play with the toys.

To keep your dog from gaining weight (and getting bored!) try to set time aside each day for a play session.  He’ll really enjoy indoor games such as tug or war with a good rope toy or simply hide the toy or treats. Try hiding the treats somewhere obvious to start with and then when he gets the idea you can start ‘planting’ treats all around the house for him to sniff out!

Remember if your pet is not burning as many calories through exercise then they won’t need quite so much in their dinner bowl!  If you are avoiding going outside because you are worried about your dog pulling you over on the ice, try a pair of good ice grips for your shoes or you could use a ‘Halti Anti-Pulling Strap’ which will also help to train your dog not to pull.

If you have any of your own tips and suggestions for keeping pets active and healthy during the winter months, let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Great article, always an interesting read! Just thought I would recommend one of the products you mentioned.

    I used the Halti on my eager Collie/ Lab cross when she was about 3 or 4 years old as she went through a pulling stage (just to get ahead of her pack, once in front she was fine!). We had much happier and longer walks using the Halti as she responded well & got the hang of it quickly. And what’s more, it’s great getting home without your arms feeling like they were 10 x longer !

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