Christmas Gift Ideas from Santa Paws!

Christmas is only 30 days away…

But there’s no need to panic – at least not about what to get your pets! Head to our Christmas Wonderland for some great pet gift ideas >

Whether it’s toys and treats for your pet’s stocking, great quality accessories, or one of our superb value gift sets featuring some of our most popular products, zooplus has your pet’s Christmas gifts all wrapped up!

If your pet has been especially good this year then read on to discover the perfect gift for him or her…



Dog Gift Set: Older and Wiser

All your senior dog needs to feel like a young pup again!

The top selling Orthobed Oval is ideal for elderly dogs as the top quality memory foam is well known to help soothe sore joints and relieve pressure points during sleep. Soon your dog will be bouncing out of bed (and probably jumping on to yours!)

This set also comes with Eukanuba Healthy Extras: Senior Dog Treats and a snuggly Fleece Dog Blanket to line your dog’s new bed for extra warmth.

Gift Set Price: From £41.99   BUY >>


Cat Gift Set: Play Time

Toys are not just for kids at Christmas! Treat your cat to one of our most popularintelligence toys and a couple of fun extras.

Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board offers your cat five unique challenges.   Different modules will test out your cat’s skills, encouraging her to retrieve treats, play and exercise her brain and paws.  The tasks vary in difficulty so older and less agile cats can still join in the fun!

Also included in this Christmas Gift Set is a Cheese Corner Cat Toy and a nifty hi-tech Catch the Light Laser Pointer which should keep your cat happy for hours, chasing the dancing red laser dot!

Gift Set Price: £19.99   BUY >>


Dog Gift Set: Kong Favourites

The ultimate dog toy – Kongs are made to last! Now you can get your dog all of the top Kong products in a great value Kong Gift Set for Christmas.

The virtually indestructible Classic Red Kong is a great fetch toy and will keep dogs guessing with its unpredictable bounce.  Fill up the middle with some Kong Stuff’N Easy Liver Paste and you’ll also have a scrummy treat to keep your dog busy licking for hours!

The Kong Flyer Frisbee is a tough Kong toy for the great outdoors  made from soft, natural rubber which won’t hurt your dog’s mouth.  The set also includes a Kong Snugga Wubba – a perfect ‘indoor’ toy for quiet games like ‘hide the toy’, fetch or tug of war.

Gift Set Price: £20.99   BUY >>


Cat Gift Set: Winter Warmer

Your cat will have her very own space this Christmas to dream and doze with our super cosy Winter Warmer Cat Gift Set!

The special shape of our Radiator Bed Yumi is very stable and offers plenty of space to stretch out on. Both of the single plush covers in beige and dark blue are luxuriously soft. The radiator bed is simple to use; it can be fitted to any normal radiator with the help of the adjustable securing clip.

Also included in this set is a soft fleece blanket, perfect for snuggling up to on chill Autumn evenings and cold winter days. It’s a nice bright red with a fish-bone pattern so there’s no mistaking who it belongs to!

Gift Set Price: £11.99   BUY >>



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