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We all love our dogs and strive to give them the best of everything, but the costs of premium brand dog foods can really add up, especially if you’re feeding a larger breed or you have several dogs at home.

If you dream about being able to serve your dog fresh, wholesome meals like this one (left) without breaking the bank, then we have the answer…

All of these top class ingredients are included in Lukullus – a reasonably priced dog food with no chemical additives, just good nutritious ingredients straight from mother nature! Find out more about Lukullus Dry & Canned Dog Food >


Cold Pressing – Keeping the Goodness in Dry Food

Lukullus Dry Dog Food comes in two delicious varieties; Chicken & Northern Wild Salmon or Charolais Beef & Trout. The dry food pellets are made from natural ingredients using a careful cold-pressing process.

Most dry dog food kibble is created through an extrusion method, which involves heating the food to well over 100°C. The cold pressing process used by Lukullus, which takes place at a much lower temperature, preserves the original flavour of the meat and vegetables and protects the nutritional value of the food.

Here are the ingredients in a pack of Lukullus Chicken & Northern Wild Salmon dry food:
Chicken meal (26%), brown rice, salmon meal (6%), potatoes, cold-pressed rapeseed oil, algae, alfalfa, rice germs, beets, herbs, pears, apples, egg yolk powder, caraway, linseed oil, carob, silica, kieselguhr, yucca schidigera, bilberries, trace elements, vitamins
And that’s it!  No nasty chemical additives.  It already tastes great thanks to the carefully preserved natural flavours so there’s no need to ‘add’ flavour enhancers.
With our current economy pack offer on 2 x 15 kg bags Lukullus works out very cost effective – 15 kg is normally enough to last an adult, medium sized breed of dog between 1 1/2 – 2 months.
Lukullus Canned Food – Letting Nature Provide

Lukullus canned food is also prepared using a gentle cooking process with extra care taken to preserve flavour and nutrients.

The canned food contains over 66% pure, high quality meat and giblets while the rest is made up of fresh vegetables, herbs and natural oils such as Linseed or Grapeseed oil, which contain vital omega 3 and fatty acids for a healthy, glossy coat.


If your dog likes variety in his diet then don’t forget to try the Lukullus seasonal menu. Each Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, Lukullus crafts a unique recipe to take advantage of the ingredients that are in their prime at that time of year.

The current delicacy available for autumn is ‘Venison with Sweet Potatoes, Chestnuts and Grapeseed Oil’.  Look out for the winter menu which will be available at zooplus soon!


We currently have a number of Special Offers on Lukullus dry and canned food.  Try a trial pack consisting of 1.5kg bags of the two varieties of dry food for only £9.99 or get 6 x 200 g canned Lukullus free with 15kg bags of dry food for only £39.99.

More Lukullus Special Offers >


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  1. My dogs love Lukullus! This food is really great value for money! I love the ingredients combination, I feel like doing samething good for my sweethearts! and they look healthy!

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