20% Off Top Selling Cat Trees

Is a Cat Tree on your kitty’s wish list this Christmas? Well now is the time to buy because all this week in the zooplus Cat Shop we are offering a further 20% off a large range of our most popular cat trees, most of which are already heavily discounted!

A Cat Tree is the perfect gift for any cat. Nervous kitties benefit from having a safe place to retreat to, overweight felines are encouraged to exercise and indoor cats get a great climbing frame for the fun and games they are not able to experience in the outside world.

Read on to find out more about some of our most popular Cat Trees


Cat Tree Oasis

This is the ultimate, compact Cat Tree with a wallet friendly price tag.  The Cat Tree Oasis has all the standard cat tree features found on our larger Cat Trees; plush fabric, two levels for climbing, a soft ball for paw batting, sisal covered columns for claw scratching and a snug den for cosy, undisturbed naps.

The highest platform reaches 71 cm but it’s easy to reach via the other two levels so even a less agile cat can still have fun using the Oasis.



Cat Tree Filou

A fantastic medium size Cat Tree with lots of fun possibilities for your cat.  The top level has a curved, raised edge for security when napping.  It’s 170 cm high so your cat with get a real sense of surveying his kingdom (and subjects!)  There are two different routes up to the top; up the ladder or through the top of the raised den.  The den is a lovely area for secure napping.

And after a snooze, when your cat is in the mood to play, he has the hanging ball to bat with his paws!


Cat Tree Atlas

The Atlas is one of our Ceiling Cat Trees, designed to be attached securely to a ceiling between 240 – 270 cm high. A brilliant climbing frame for young, active cats who need to let off steam but also an ideal solution for nervous kitties who will appreciate the safe feeling they have looking down from the top levels. Of course confident cats will also enjoy the height and the opportunity to lord it over the dog!

There’s plenty of room on the Atlas so this is a great choice for a multi-cat household.  With 5 levels to choose from plus a cosy basket bed, hanging play tube and an enclosed den, there’s a spot for everyone so no need for any ‘cat fights’.



We’re sure you’ll find a Cat Tree that’s just right for your cat and home but don’t take our word for it – read our Customer Reviews in the Cat Tree Shop and take a look at customer photos of the Cat Trees set up in their own homes.

To find out more about Cat Trees and how they can help improve your cat’s health and well-being, see our previous article: ‘The Benefits of Cat Trees’ >

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