Happy Halloween!

This week at zooplus we have a feast of Halloween special offers perfect for the spooky season!

Plus, we are giving away either 9 Trixie Choco Bones or 2 Whiskas Temptation Salmon Flavour Cat Treats (2 x 60g).

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Cat Coupon Code: TREAT

Read on to find out about some of our ghoulish new toys for cats and dogs.

WARNING: Only for brave pets!


Halloween Fun for Dogs

Check out these bone-chilling dog toys! Among our ghastly selection you’ll find creepy, gothic towers with a surprise lurking inside – when you squeeze them a blood-sucking vampire, ghastly witch or bony skeleton pops out!

We’ve also got lots of crazy little monsters running around here at zooplus – not as cute as they look – these toys bounce like demons! For some tug of war fun we’ve got a cool green witch with rope arms and legs for a great game with your dog, Halloween style!

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Halloween Fun for Cats

For your kitty we have lots of fuzzy critters just asking to be pounced on. Take a look at our  Spider Dangler Cat pole which may actually scare you more than the cat!

Plus, we’ve got the perfect toy for a night-time hunting session – pink and purple glow in the dark softballs.

For some spine-chilling activity why not buy your cat some  of our wind-up Shakin Billy Cat Toys.  These shivering, furry worms will delight your cat with their mad, trembly movements. Eeeek!

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