Arden Grange now available at zooplus

Arden Grange Adult Lamb & Rice dog food“You are what you eat”

The old saying is just as true for our dogs as it is for us.  High-fat and high-sugar convenience meals are no longer seen as acceptable offerings for our children so why should it be any different for our canine ‘kids’?  UK dog food company Arden Grange has researched long and hard to find the perfect combination of ingredients for their dog foods and you only need to scan the back of the packet to see they have done their homework.

You won’t find any of the nasties (head, feet, feathers etc.) that might be lurking in the generalised ‘meat and animal derivatives’ some brands list.  Only premium quality, human grade protein sources find their way into the Arden Grange products.

The Adult Lamb & Rice is particularly suitable for dogs with sensitive tums.  In fact, the whole range is designed to be hypoallergenic, completely avoiding the four major culprits of canine food allergies; wheat gluten, dairy, beef and soya.  Rice is used as the primary carbohydrate source – a cereal easily digested by a high percentage of dogs.

Nutrition without compromise

If you worry about your dog getting the right nutrition from all the major canine food groups then Arden Grange can set your mind at ease.  They have not only sourced the best quality ingredients but, wherever possible, have also Beagle puppy eating from bowlchosen the ingredients which are most digestible, ensuring that your dog can absorb the maximum nutritional goodness from his dinner!

zooplus is pleased to announce that we now stock a wide range of the superb Arden Grange dog foods, catering for dogs of all sizes and at every stage in their life cycle, from pup to senior.

Take a moment to leave a comment below and tell us what you think about this new addition to the zooplus dog food range.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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