The painful truth about Dental Disease

Dental problems can lead to pain, infections which spread elsewhere in the body, and the loss of your pet’s ability to chew or eat properly. As a side effect, your pet also won’t look or smell as attractive! And no, Continue reading

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Cat Litter FAQs

Confused about cat litter? With so many varieties and brands around these days selecting the right one can be a tricky and expensive business. Lots of cats are fussy about the food they eat but finding a litter your cat Continue reading

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Crufts Discover Dogs – Three discovered breeds


At zooplus we like to think we know our dogs but at Crufts 2013 the Discover Dogs section, featuring nearly 200 breeds, was a chance for me to get up close with some breeds I’ve only read about and never Continue reading

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Step by Step Grooming Guide

Is your pet looking a little shabby coming out of our long and damp British winter? Do they have shedding hair flying everywhere, overgrown nails from lack of time outdoors and a slightly whiffy odour from an unwashed coat? Then Continue reading

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Focus on British Dog Breeds

Crufts Dog Show

With Crufts around the corner we thought we’d highlight three of the best British Breeds: one Welsh (the Welsh Springer Spaniel), one Scottish (the West Highland White Terrier) and one English breed (the English Bulldog); all of which are great Continue reading

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