Cracking new Wallace & Gromit dog toys

We’re now selling Wallace & Gromit toys at zooplus! They’re not quite as good as cheese but we think they come a very close second. Our personal favourite is the clever latex squeaker toy shaped just like Wallace’s mouth! Give Continue reading

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Coping with canine food allergies

Many dogs suffer from food allergies as a result of their digestive system not being able to cope with certain ingredients.  If your dog suffers from itchy skin, bald patches, ear infections, diarrhoea and vomiting, chances are they could be Continue reading

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New at zooplus: Catz Finefood Cans!

It’s finally here! We’re proud to say that we now stock the delicious Catz Finefood range. Catz Finefood is a species-appropriate, balanced cat food with appetizing natural recipes. The delicious varieties are all grain free with a high meat content, Continue reading

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Keep your pets cool: 3 summer dangers for cats & dogs to watch out for & avoid

Keep cool blogtop image

1. Heat Stroke Heatstroke can be fatal if the warning signs are ignored. Cats, dogs and small pets can suffer in hot conditions; here are our top tips on spotting the signs and taking preventative measures: Avoiding heatstroke Unfortunately the Continue reading

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Getting fit for summer? Your dog could be the ideal training partner

Dog and owner play with Trixie dog activity disc

Your dog may not be too concerned about their beach body but they can be a great help in getting you in shape for the summer! Although your dog may seem unconcerned about a few extra pounds you will want Continue reading

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Hairball solutions for your cat

Cats are meticulous when it comes to keeping themselves clean but over-zealous grooming habits can have a negative effect if they lick off and swallow excessive amounts of loose hair. If too much hair accumulates in your cat’s stomach, he Continue reading

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