Complete vs. supplementary food – what does it all mean?

Cat with cans of Smilla cat food

As a pet owner, it’s your job to make sure that your pet is receiving a healthy diet with all the nutrients they need for a long, active life. This means taking a close look at the product description and Continue reading

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Meet our pets – Part 1


At zooplus, we love hearing all about your pets and seeing loads of cute photos of them. We’re a pet-crazy office (obviously!) and most of us have pets too, so we couldn’t resist introducing our own gorgeous fluffballs and having a bit Continue reading

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Meet our pets – Part 2


In the first part of this blog series, some of the zooplus team introduced their furry family members and shared the top five products their pets would recommend if they ever mastered human speech (after first using their new skills to demand Continue reading

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5 ways to keep me happy this summer – By Cottontail the Bunny

Black rabbit

A guest post by Cottontail, a curious little rabbit with a twitchy nose. Like all rabbits, I hate getting too hot. The warmer weather can be very dangerous for us, so now that the temperatures are rising I’m starting to Continue reading

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Happy Birthday zooplus!: Guilt-free Party Snacks

Dog party 1

It’s birthday time here at zooplus, and we’re all set to tuck into the party food! We couldn’t possibly let our pets miss out on all of the fun and lots of us like to show our pets that we Continue reading

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Top 10 ‘must have’ outdoor products for dogs

Throw your mutts a pool party!

(As modelled by our customers’ pets!) ♦ 1 ♦   The Doggy Pool This is what our office dog Tess has to say about the doggy pool: “Arrrrgghhhh, the doggy pool is TOTALLY AMAZING, I love splashing around and snorkeling for toys Continue reading

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Dog Training Hacks: Stop Your Dog from Pulling on the Lead

Dog Pulling On the Lead

Do you take the dog for a walk or does your dog take you? Most dog owners have been there at one time or another: Your doggie gets so excited about walkies that it just can’t wait to explore everything Continue reading

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Mythbusting Microchipping: Getting Lost Pets Home Quickly

Pet Rescue. Credit Dave Parker via Flickr

It’s a sad fact that many thousands of pets go missing each year in the UK. Cats often go wandering, dog thefts are sadly on the rise and even bunnies are prone to ‘hopping it’! June is National Microchipping Month Continue reading

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