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This week, it feels like autumn is well and truly here and with Halloween and Bonfire Night just around the corner, we’re all wrapping ourselves and our pets up warm, turning on the central heating and starting to think ahead Continue reading

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Stressed-out Pets: Signs of Stress and How You Can Help

Scared cat

Modern life is full of daily stresses and strains for us humans: long hours at work, deadlines, frenetic schedules, the car breaking down… etc. Compared to us, you would be forgiven for thinking that a pet’s life is anything but Continue reading

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Cat Care Tips Part 3: Choosing the Right Cat Bed

Yumi Radiator Bed

Did you know that cats spend around 60% of their lives asleep? Rather than having one longer period of sleep, as humans do, cats split their sleeping time up into a series of longer naps throughout the day. As with Continue reading

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5 Steps to Treat Your Dog’s Diarrhoea

Sad Dog

Unfortunately, diarrhoea is a problem most dogs will encounter at some point in their lives. Many dogs suffer regularly from this unpleasant digestive problem, causing them to have to relieve themselves more often, and giving their stools a liquid consistency. Continue reading

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Itchy Pet this Autumn? How to recognise and protect pets from Harvest Mites

Scratching puppy

Have you noticed your pet itching or scratching more than usual this autumn? If you have, you may find that fleas or ticks are not necessarily to blame. In late summer and early autumn, an insect called the Harvest Mite Continue reading

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Cat Care Tips, Part 2: Ears, Eyes and Claws

ear scratching

Ear and Eye Care As well as keeping your cat looking neat, clean and brushed, you should also regularly check your cat’s ears and eyes to ensure they are healthy, and clean them as and when needed. Unfortunately, many cat owners Continue reading

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Brand Focus: Heim

Heim logo

Heim is a German company that has been manufacturing quality goods for pets for over 100 years.  Based in Kaltensundheim, Germany, this small pet brand started out as a manufacturer of premium leather items such as collars and leads.  Whilst Continue reading

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