Who’s top dog? Uncovering our four favourite breeds

Labrador Retriever

Who can resist a gorgeous Labrador Retriever or a playful Cocker Spaniel? And everyone loves a classic German Shepherd or an adorable Westie, right? After weeks of passionate debate in the zooplus office, we’ve finally chosen our four absolute favourite Continue reading

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Tried & Tested: Weatherproof Wear for Walkies

Two small dogs in waterproof coats

There’s nothing dogs enjoy more than a good long walk in the great outdoors… and it sometimes seems like the wetter, the better! But while some dogs don’t really mind things getting a bit wilder and windier at this time of year, others have Continue reading

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Supurr Natural Cat Foods


I’m sure we won’t have to purr-suade you too much to try out some super natural cat foods this Halloween. Although pumpkins are in abundance this time of year, we think your cat may prefer some of these more cat-friendly options: Continue reading

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What Do You Need For Your Large Breed?


Maine Coons, Ragdolls, Norwegian Forest Cats, Siberians and British Shorthairs are traditionally the largest breeds of domesticated cats in the world. For these cats, you may need to super-size their supplies! At zooplus, we’ve got everything you need to kit Continue reading

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